Welcome to the official website of the Homoeopathic Medical Association (H.M.A.), the premier organisation of homoeopathic professionals in India. Homoeopathic Medical Association (H.M.A) primarily working to promote, represent Homoeopaths as well as homoeopathic profession.

Homoeopathy is second most preferred system of medicine and becoming the integral part of the health care worldwide, HMA working dedicatedly to promote it and taking it to the next height. HMA is common platform for homoeopathic doctors, pharmacists,  teachers, students working at different locations across the globe to share there knowledge and experience to promote homoeopathy.

Homoeopathic Medical Association (H.M.A.) is the National Platform which makes efforts to raise the standards of Homoeopathic Education & Practice in India.

Homoeopathic Medical Association (H.M.A.) is a non-profit organization. It functions as a platform in the sense of a public space for discussion, a place to meet, an assembly for listening, discussing and advocating on medical related issues.


  1. To promote and advance Homoeopathic System of Medicine and allied sciences to serve the human society by awarding the benefits of Homoeopathic System of treatment to public, especially the low socio-economic groups.
  2. To improve the quality of Homoeopathic Medical Practice as well as Homoeopathic Medical Education.
  3. To maintain the honor and dignity and to uphold the interest of the profession of Homoeopathic Practice.
  4. To work for the identification and abolition of fake Homoeopathic Practices.
  5. To stand for integrated medical research in Homoeopathy.
  6. To conduction medical camps, especially in epidemics affected areas.


  1. The agenda of HMA is to be grant homoeopathic directorate in every state by Govt.
  2. By the effort of Central Govt. of India must establish PG College in every state of India as like NIH.
  3. In every state the vacancies of the homoeopathic doctors must be in each & equal proportion like allopathic doctors.
  4. The Homoeopathic research centres must be established by the central Govt. in every state of India.
  5. The stipend of the internee student must be granted by the state Govt.
  6. The Govt. Homoeopathic dispensaries should be established in the proportion of Govt. allopathic dispensaries.
  7. The cadaver dissection facilities should be provided in each and every Homoeopathic college without any interruption.
  8. The Govt. pays more and more aid to Govt. and Pvt. Homoeopathic Medical College for upliftment of homoeopathy.
  9. Central Govt. of India must be provide concession in Railways to Ayush doctors like providing to Allopathic doctors.
  10. The Hahnemann award must be awarded to one eminent Homoeopath from all over India at once in the year by the President of India.
  11. The Govt. should announce 10th April as Hahnemann day or Homoeopathy day.


  1. Maintain a National, State and District offices and to create or assist in creating local branches for any of the purpose aforesaid as and when necessary.
  2. Conduct Educational Campaign among the people of the state in the matter of public health and sanitation awareness.
  3. Organize Medical and Preventive camps.
  4. Borrow or raise money in such manner as the association may think fit and collect subscription and donations for the purpose of the association.