Saccharum Lactis: A Vehicle of Homeopathic Medicine

Dr. Deepika Parmar, BHMS, PGDHA,

For trituration, sugar of milk is best medium because it is best crystalline substance, scentless, gritty to touch, faintly sweet in homeopathy vehicles are used as medium to transmission of medicine. So, the vehicles are helpful medium for purification, preparation, preservation, internal administration as well as external routes as such in homoeopathy there are many vehicles but the easiest method to dispensing medicine is by using sugar of milk.

Properties of an ideal Vehicle
1. Neither alkaline nor acidic (Chemically neutral)
2. No medicinal own property
3. Inert therapeutically
4. To fight the disease force should be capable of carrying the dynamic powers of a drug to the interior of the human organism
5. Palatable and edible
6. Having power of preservation of drug substance
7. Harmless to human organism
8. Having sterilising property

Sugar of Milk
Saccharum Lactis or lactose
Saccharum means ‘sugar’
Lactes means ‘milk’
Preparation of sugar of milk:
Prepared from goats’ milk because it has no medicinal properties due to hard crystalloid.
Goats’ milk is mild acidic with pH 7.4
Goats’ milk contains Carbohydrates, fat, protein (Casein + Albumin), minerals, salts, water.


Purification process of sugar of milk:
It was first described by Johann Ernst Stapf
Method of purification or preparation of homeopathic sugar of milk from commercial lactose also called as Stapf process.

1. Used in bio chemic preparation
2. For trituration from mother substance which are not soluble in purified water and alcohol
3. For preparation of medicines in decimal and centesimal scale
4. For dispensing medicines to patients
5. Used as placebo

Author acknowledge the immense help received from “A textbook of Homeopathic Pharmacy” by Mandal and Mandal.